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Precast Retaining Walls Colchester
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In waste management, precast concrete walls are fundamental for waste material storage whether the requirement is for permanent or movable walls.

If you are upgrading existing facilities or designing new ones to store a range of materials our units are designed for purpose and easy installation with minimal operational maintenance.

Nationwide Precast Concrete (NPC) solely focuses on designing and manufacturing concrete retaining wall systems, unlike other manufacturers in the precast concrete sector. With over 25 years of industry experience, we pride ourselves on our strict quality control, manufacturing to industry standards with extensive knowledge of the waste sector.

Precast Retaining Walls Essex

Our product line of precast retaining wall systems are tailored to the demanding needs of bulk waste storage. To select the most efficient and cost-effective options consider the specifics of your site.

If you have existing steel-framed buildings or a requirement for a permanent external storage structure our prestressed concrete panels (PSTORE) are an effective and economical solution. They come in a variety of thicknesses and lengths that can be tailored to your height requirements.

Our L-shaped retaining walls (LSTORE) are a suitable alternative to PSTORE units. The units can be secured to existing concrete floors or cast-in to new floors.

We also manufacture an ‘A’ shaped unit (ASTORE) which can be used as a modular moveable system in a variety of heights up to 6m.

Should you need permanent/semi-permanent or movable walls NPC has a range of systems which meet Environment Agency requirements.

Unsure what’s best for your project? Reach out – our team is here to guide you to the most cost-effective choices. We also offer full design and installation services for our retaining walls. Contact our team for more information.